Monday, June 17, 2013

Celebrating Father's day

With my Boss Man!

I couldn't wait to wake up early with our little rattlesnakes and sneak downstairs to make a surprise for WB.

I love baking and while it really wasn't something to bake, it was a dessert that is one of WB's favorites!

and, he hasn't had it in FOREVER! I don't think I've actually made this for him, mostly because I am a bit selfish on desserts and usually make the ones I like or the kiddos like.

This one was JUST for WB!

I made him Banana Pudding. But it was more of a layered dish, with real bananas in it, whipped cream (ooh save some of that for later...) and 'Nilla wafers.

It turned out SO cute and had the perfect little layers in it from the outside of the glass dish!

Like this!

We also made him a BIG mason jar full of Reeces Pieces that had a little yellow and orange tag on it that said 'We love you to "pieces" Daddy!" on it with a bow. I found the idea on Pinterest and it was perfect for WB because those are his FAVORITE candies. It was SO big I used two whole bags in it.
It was like this but bigger! and cuter :)

I let WB sleep in and took care of the kiddos and kept them all quiet until first nap. WB got to sleep in until 10am! I hope he enjoyed it. I peeked in on him a few times and watched him sleep for a minute.

When he came downstairs, he went to the fridge to get cream for his coffee and there he saw it.My Banana Pudding dish! He said "what is this? is this for me?! I haven't had that in forever!"

I knew he liked it and it made me smile! I love making him feel special. I just wish I had the energy to put into it all the time. This is something I really need to work on.

We had a nice relaxing day with the kiddos, we didn't really have any "us" time, but that was ok. We just enjoyed being our little family.



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  1. That sounds like a great Father's Day! Also I may or may not ask Daddy to run out and get things for pudding since reading this post :)
    <3 Lily