Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mini scenes

Sometimes life gets crazy.

WB sees me get flustered and wants to help, but other times he gets stern with me.

Sometimes he mixes that together to trys to straighten me out.

The past few days (ok months, who am I kidding) have been very stressful.

I've had a busy home for weeks now with no end in sight.

I was on edge when he came home last night.

He could tell I was a sinking ship.

I was short with him and didn't mean to be.

I just had 10000000000000 things going on and NO dinner either.

Sometimes 4 kids plus a few neighbor kids has me feeling like a daycare worker rather then a mom at times. Couple that with parents who dropped by and my day was out of control.

After a few frustrated sighs, a few snips at the kids and the fact that I was still in my PJs at 5pm, WB gave me a few warnings.

I was pulled over in the kitchen over his knee and swatted hard. He then spun me around and kissed me hard.

"You're in for it" he said.

I didn't say anything. I knew how he was going to get and I tried to keep quiet.

When the kids went outside and the rattlesnakes settled, he found me again, in the kitchen.

He grabbed my arm and pushed me up to the island.

"Kids!" I tried to say

"SHHHH" he warned. He pulled down my PJs and swatted a few times, but then stopped and turned me around again.

"Get to it" he said and he grabbed my head and I went to work.

"Give me that tongue trick" he said.

I don't know what it is about his directions, but I seem to be able to forget the craziness and just focus in on what he wanted.

I took him in my mouth and began to work, but after only a few minutes, he stopped me again and pushed me back up onto the kitchen island.

I was worried someone would see in through the back windows, but I didn't breath a word and just let it happen.

It's beautiful when I can finally let go and let him do his work.

He only played with me for a few moments when we heard the garage door and we had to hop out of play. (I'm thinking I should wear more skirts for moments like this)

I hated to stop, but knew it would probably happen.

There were a few more small encounters throughout the night as kids came and went. Once in the laundry room and another attempt in the kitchen again.

Later I was told to simply just stroke him as he played on his Kindle and read in bed. I silently stood next to him and did as instructed as he finished up his book.

He told me I needed fucked again and spanked and he intended to do both now that half of the kiddos were asleep.

He pushed me onto my stomach and pulled down my PJs again and told me not to move as he got up to go lock the door.

I had hoped for a good bit of play, but only 10 minutes in, a knock at the door.


Not much else happened, and we had to cut out time short as a little cowgirl needed some help downstairs.

Sometimes the vanilla just doesn't mix with the spice!

Oh well, the mini scenes are hot enough. What can I expect with this many kids, I feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe at times :)

I'll take what I can get I guess.

I'm still feeling stressed, another busy day is ahead.


  1. Oh yes! That vanilla life can sure get in the way! If you think of it as that spice thrown in there, it makes the vanilla taste so much better!

    BTW...You never told me you actually opened your blog! Glad you're here!


  2. Yeah, that bites, yeah? bg & I have talked about moving closer, you should join us, CJ - we can co-op child care for play times :D We were lucky enough to have a babysitter last night and it was delicious!

    It's awesome when they take those small stolen moments to let us feel them.


  3. Oh goodness, we only have one munchkin running around but life sure seems to cut us short sometimes. I'm so glad you could steal a few moments in all the craziness. Hopefully the stress lessens soon and you can play some!
    <3 Lily